The Benefits of Pool Covers

If you’re leaving the house for a few hours, do you simply leave the door open and unlocked? Of course not; your home is an investment that you need to keep protected from strangers and outdoor elements. But what about your exterior investments? Most of the time they can be stored and locked away in a garage or shed when not in use, except what about you biggest outdoor investment: your swimming pool or spa. Does it seem responsible just to leave this open water by itself without any kind of security? Just like locking a door, swimming pool covers will allow you to keep your property safe while you’re away.


Swimming pool covers come in several different forms, but all of them have one mission in mind: seal your water from outside intruders. Whether it is leaves, debris, dirt, or pesky neighbors and vandals, your investment will be protected. Plus, if you have small children or pets out in the backyard, there will no longer be any dangers of these helpless loved falling in. What’s more, most security covers are able to hold several adults at a time without any strain or ripping.

And they can also save you money. With less debris getting in your pool, there will be less need to clean, fewer chemicals will have to be used, and your filter won’t have to work as often, therefore saving you the cost of unneeded maintenance.

You Have a Choice

Swimming pool covers are available in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. They are specifically designed so they won’t interfere with other water features such as waterfalls, fountains, or spas. They can come in vinyl, plastic, or mesh depending on how durable you want the protection to be. They can be transparent or opaque, depending on the style you want. When you want to use the pool, and depending upon the side of the material, you can either manually remove the cover or invest in a motorized waterproof unit mounted on the edge that will automatically pull it back for you. Or you can have both: a semi-automatic motor that you help along, which is less expensive and saves you time and energy. Either way, when rolled back, these protective wraps quickly conceal themselves. And even when they are in use, they give an unused water surface a sleek, elegant look.

Many models are self-cleaning, and when there is additional rain build-up, they often come with pumps or draining systems to remove the excess puddles. They are virtually maintenance-free and many come with lock-and-key systems so that the edges can’t be tampered with. This is especially important during the winter, where you will probably want to buy a sturdier vinyl cover that will guarantee a stronger seal.

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Energy Loss

By sealing your pool off with a solar pool cover, you can save money through lower energy costs. When not in use, your pool loses heat and energy through exposure. The wind cools it off, the sun evaporates a lot of water, and the night air can drop its temperature. In any of these instances, the water loses heat quickly, which means that it will take more energy to warm it back up. It’s like not closing a window in the winter: your heat will be running all the time, and eventually the outdoor air will win out.

Any cover is able to trap in the heat, but solar pool covers are specifically designed to seal in the warmth. They are often transparent and come with a plastic “bubble” system underneath which collects the solar energy from the sun during daylight hours, not only sustaining the pool’s warmth but helping to heat it up as well. However, solar pool covers are not very durable or secure because of their design, and they tend to work better in warmer climate regions. Plus, since they are not as useful during nighttime hours of course, it may be a good idea to buy multiple covers for differing situations: types of weather, changing seasons, the time of day, etc.

Either way, swimming pool covers not only save on energy costs and help to protect your family and your investment, they also extend the swimming season. By helping to insulate your pool all year round and saving money on utility bills, you may be able to spend that extra cash on heating the water, thereby allowing you to use it anytime you want, despite the weather.