Tips from Pentair Aquatic Systems to efficiently remove leaves from your pool

The beautiful leaves that fall to homeowners’ pools can be efficiently removed with the right set of pool maintenance techniques and equipment, according to Pentair Aquatic Systems’ social community, Poolfyi.
Despite their beauty, “fall leaves are one of the biggest physical and visual obstacles to homeowners taking advantage of their pools in the fall for extended swimming and poolside entertaining,” said Carlos Del Amo, VP of global marketing at Pentair Aquatic Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of pool and spa equipment.

During leave fall seasons

Homeowners should perform several pool-maintenance routines more frequently to counteract leaves: emptying skimmer and pump baskets, checking the filter to ensure it doesn’t get clogged, keeping sanitizer levels up and backwashing.
When leaves do collect in pools, homeowners can direct leaves more effectively to the skimmer by pointing their pools’ wall jets in the same direction to move water around the perimeter. If leaves have settled at the bottom of a homeowner’s pool, they should be removed as soon as possible or they may stain the pool, especially concrete.


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