9 Tips To Get Your Swimming Pool Ready For The Summer

Are you Ready for the Summer? Let’s take a look at these 9 cool tips that we have prepared for you and your pool.

1. Invite a Friend

Opening up a swimming pool can be done by only one person, but it’s much easier with two, and you can turn it into a good time. Invite a friend over to help you get your pool ready.

2. Open Your Pool Early

If you don´t want to sweat, then you’ll want to open your pool earlier while it’s cooler outside. Also, you can take advantage of the early buys deals at your local pool store or online. You’ll also have your pool open in case you have an early summer. Opening your pool early even helps with algae. Algae loves warm and dark places, which is why it grows so well when you have the winter cover on your pool until the middle of June!

3. Be Prepared

Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need to open your pool. You don’t want to be running to the pool store every time you forget something. Create a checklist and lay everything out.

4. Get Your Filter and Pump Running and Keep It Running

Once you open your pool, you could be in for a surprise. It may be dark green, light green, cloudy, or crystal clear. I really hope everyone opens up to a crystal clear pool, but it’s not always the case. Make sure that once you get the cover off your pool that you focus on getting your filter system up and running. Then, make sure it keep it running until your pool is clear. After that, you can start running your filter system between 10 and 12 hours a day.

5. Test Your Water Right Away

You should have test strips or a test kit already on deck and ready to use, if you followed my checklist. Take a sample of your pool water by using a cup, holding it upside down, and putting it in the water elbow deep. Then, turn the cup upright to take the sample. Make sure you take a sample away from your return line. Use your test kit or test strips to check your pH and chlorine levels. For a more accurate reading, take a sample to your local pool supply store and have them check for:
Total and Free Chlorine (or the type of sanitizer you use)
pH and Alkalinity
Cyanuric Acid or Chlorine Stabilizer
Calcium Hardness

6. Stick To One Source

When it comes to pool care, it’s a good idea to get all your information from one source. Point is, if you stick to one source, you won’t have any problems.

7. Shock Is Your Best Friend

If you have a chlorine pool, then shock is your best friend. Shocking your pool jacks up the chlorine level which helps to kill bacteria and get rid of dead chlorine that has done its job and needs to leave. If you open up to a green mess this year, then shock will not only be your best friend, but your soul mate.

8. Clean Your Winter Cover Before Storing It.

Take your winter cover and lay it out next to your pool to clean it. You can use car wash soap and a brush to scrub the whole thing down. Or, use a winter cover cleaner that you don’t have to dry before you store it.

9. Use A Plastic Container To Store Your Winter Cover

Go to Home Depot, Lowes, or your favorite local hardware store, and buy yourself a giant, plastic container. You can even use a large plastic garbage container with a seal-able lid. Whether you have a safety cover or a disposable tarp cover, you should use this to protect the cover from being eaten by bugs, mice, or other pest while it’s in storage. Your winter cover will last a lot longer.
And enjoy a summer of fun around the pool.


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