Commercial Pool Service

Regardless if it’s an apartment complex, hotel, health club or day care, regularly maintained and properly balanced pool is a direct reflection of your concern for the health and safety of your tenants, guests or members.

AQUA Pools provides a FULL SERVICE PROGRAM for commercial pools that provides the same and even more detailed care so that you: the owner, property manager, association member or facility administrator never has to worry about anything again.


  • 2 or 3 visits per week
  • Test water for correct chemical amount. 
Testing the pool
  • Brush tiles
  • Vacuum as needed, ensuring left clean.
  • Brush walls of the pool.
  • Skim surfaces for floating debris.
  • Clean the filtration systems as dictated by pressure gauge.
  • Maintain proper water level to ensure adequate surface skimming.
  • Pump and skimmer basket
  • Inspect equipment
  • Chemicals and cleaning equipment.

All of our pool service technicians are CPO certified which means they have completed the required training and posses the knowledge to reduce risk and injury in all pool and spa operations.
Our company is covered by IPSSA (Independet Pool & Spa Service Association) Liability Insurance and Licensed CC#18-SP-20802-X. Florida Rgistration No. RP252555507

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