Pool Resurfacing

Most plaster pool surfaces are designed to last about 10 years. After that, the surface can show common signs of aging that are aesthetically unappealing, uncomfortable for swimmers, and degrading to the value of your pool and overall property.

If your pool is showing its age, it may be time to consider pool resurfacing. If that time is now, we would be glad to apply our expertise to and modernize your pool. Your pool may have cracks, blisters, or discolorations that a resurface will eliminate.

Resurfacing is normally done alongside other renovation, like replacing coping, tile and decking. This makes the cost of pool resurfacing hard to judge, because you will be getting a package deal.

When is it time to Resurface the Pool?

Here are four things to look for that might tell you it’s time to consider resurfacing.

1. Stains That Won’t Clean Off

Stains come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Generally, a stain on your pool’s surface is superficial damage. Most pool surface stains are caused by Chemical and mineral inputs, Leaves and other natural debris and Algae.

2. Roughness

How does your pool surface feel? If it feels rougher than you think it should or if the gunite is beginning to show through, your pool surface is deteriorating. And it will only get worse.

3. Loss of Pebbles

A good pebble job should last 20 plus years but if it’s acid washed too often, then the pebbles will become loose and dislodge. Also, the colored cement from between the stones can be leached white over time.

4. Check Cracks

They are a natural part of hydrating cement but become more noticeable when pools are drained and left in the sun. The cement in the plaster expands and contracts with the temperature changes and response by enlarging existing small cracks on the pool plaster surface.

How Much Does Resurfacing a Pool Cost?

The pool’s interior surface typically wears out the fastest depending upon the surface material. As you’d expect, aggregate finishes come with more expensive price tags.  A pool remodeling job can range anywhere from $3,000 up to $10,000 depending upon size, finish, and plumbing requirements.

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